Day 12… We are home! Back in the USA 🇺🇸! 

After 18+ hours of travel, we have all arrived back in the USA and safely home!! 

What a great 12 days traveling a beautiful country, with great group of singers and traveling companions. Oh the memories that were made. 

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Now to get over the jet lag ✈️ 

Day 11- Dublin/Final Day!

Well today was our final day on this amazing trip to Ireland.  We have been so lucky with weather… It got so hot outside yesterday, people didn’t know what to do with themselves around here!

Today, we started the day out with visiting the Teeling Whiskey Distillery.  Teeling is the only operating distillery in the city.

Upon arrival, we took a tour of how the Whiskey is made as well as found out about the history of Irish Whiskey…

After the tour was over, there was an Irish Whiskey tasting

After our tour at the Distillery, we kept on with the theme and went to the most toured place in Ireland, Guinness Storehouse.

After our tour here, we had free time in Dublin to grab lunch and do some final souvenir shopping for you back home as well for the travelers to have wonderful memories of this great trip.

After a refresh at the hotel, the entire group had a final farewell dinner.  We enjoyed a recap of the trip by looking at all of our pictures in a slide show and all the boys from each bus performed a thank you song for their bus driver and guide!
Green Bus!

Blue Bus!

Red Bus!

Orange Bus!

Yellow Bus!

Tomorrow we all get on a two flights for our journey home.  I I think first stop for a lot of people is some Skyline Chili!

What a beautiful country!!  Memories were made and another successful Elder Glee Club Concert Tour!  Altiora!

Thanks for following!

All of Glee Club’s Pictures from the trip can be found on the Glee Club Facebook Page

Day 10- Dublin!!

Today we loaded our coaches and said goodbye to Galway and headed toward Dublin!  Our final city of our tour!  We have lots of bags!!

As soon as we arrived to Dublin we had a early afternoon concert at  Christ Cathedral Church Cathedral…

We had a little time before the concert to hang out and get some photo time including a professional group picture.  The photographer had to climb in the bushes to get us all in the picture!!

Including this one, all of the Elder graduates traveling on the trip (MEN of ELDER)

We performed our last concert this afternoon…

After we finished with the concert, we had a panoramic tour of Dublin… with a stop in Phoenix Park to visit where the Pope said mass over a million people.

The other highlight of this stop was the much needed ice cream cone… I think this group could send this lady into early retirement…

After our tour, we all checked into our hotels to freshen up before our dinner tonight.  We were entertained by Irish Dancing and Music….  they boys even got a chance to sing for the band which they loved.  Great time was had by all…

Till tomorrow… Our last day 😦  It is hard to believe that this trip is almost over… We are going to enjoy the town of Dublin tomorrow

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All of today’s pictures can be found on the Glee Club Facebook Page


Day 9- Excursion Day!

Today, everyone got a choice to go to a different excursion….
Aran Islands
Around 100 of the travelars in our group headed to the Aran Islands today.  The Aran Islands are three rocky isles guarding the mouth of the Galway Bay.  This area is known for ancient sights.

Bunratty Castle
Around 20 travelers ventured to the Bunratty Castle! A 15th Century tower house located in County Clare, Ireland

Cliff of Moher/Smoke House
There was about 85 of us traveled to the Cliffs of Moher with a stop at the Smoke House. The cliffs are located at the southwestern edge of the Burren Region!

On our travel to Cliffs of Moher, we stopped at a smokehouse to see how they smoke salmon in this region…. We got to taste Salmon that is smoked cold and Salmon that is smoked Hot… It was 50/50 on what people liked better 🙂

8 decided to Golf for the day on a beautiful course….

After our full days of excursions all of us went to the Golf Course for dinner to enjoy a delicious meal

Tomorrow we will pack up and leave the beautiful area of Galway and head to Dublin for our final two days of the tour… Till tomorrow….
As always, you can find the full day of pictures on the Glee Club Facebook page

Day 8- Connemara-Galway

Day 8 of our trip to Ireland!  We had the most spectacular weather today!! The best weather day of the trip… temperature was fantastic and blue sky for days….
We started this morning and traveled to the Hills of Connemara to visit Kylemore Abbey….

The Kylemore Abbey was founded for Benecdictine nuns who fled Belgium in World War I.
Kylemore Castle (pictured above) was built as a private home for the family of Mitchell Henry… Could you imagine that being your private home?

Absolutely gorgeous!!
The boys performed in front of the Abbey….

If you look closely, in the window on the right, we had an audience member listening and clapping for our performance…

This place was just absolutely breathtaking!  So this was a perfect opportunity to take a group shot with a perfect background, and of course we had to put our sign in the picture…

After our performance we had time to tour the grounds, get a quick lunch, and shop!  If you are back home and reading this, I guarantee you have a souvenir coming to you… This group can do some damage…..

After our time at the Abbey, we traveled back to Galway….
We enjoyed the afternoon which consisted of a walking tour and boat ride…

After our boat ride, the Glee Club had a performance at St. Nicholas Church in Galway… this was a concert for charity.  This is a special thing that Elder does, and what we take pride in as a Glee Club, giving to others… It was special that we could perform and give back all the way in Ireland!! Altiora!!

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Day 7- Travel to Galway! Happy Father’s Day!

Today we said goodbye to Derry and Northern Ireland!  What a great place to visit with so much history!
We set off on all our coaches to start our journey to Galway making a full day of travel with many amazing stops on the way.
Our first stop was an important bathroom stop of course in Donegal 🙂

The gift shop guy was also very happy …..we did some damage.  After the City of Donegal (thanks for the pit stop), we drove to the Slieve League Cliffs which is a mountain on the Atlantic coast in the County Dongal.  These cliffs reach three times higher than the Cliffs of Moher.
When we arrived a “sea” fog as they call it had just come in making the cliffs impossible to see…

So to solve the problem, Mr. Allen bought a postcard of what the cliffs were supposed to look like…
Thank you Mr. Allen

That’s ok, we found something else to occupy our time…
Take a selfie with a sheep…  Nice work Zach Schmitt!

Then all the sudden our tour guides said… you might get lucky here and it might clear up… You could start to see a break in the sky…

And just like that the fog lifted and you could see water… It was nothing like when you see it with sun, but it was breathtaking…

Thank you to Mr. Bill Jett for driving us up and down the mountain… 
Oh wait you are on the wrong side… Still hard to get used to the fact that we are on opposite sides of the road and car!
After our stop at the Cliffs, it was lunch time..
We stop for a quick soup and sandwich before our surprise stop of the day!
We stopped at the Our Lady of Knock Shrine…

Some of the Glee Club members sand “Lady of Knock” at the actual shrine!  It was so powerful and moving!  Check out their performance on our Facebook Page

Lastly, We want to wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day!  What a great opportunity for the father’s that are with us to celebrate this day in Ireland!  For the dad’s back home, we wish you a great day!
Thank you for all you do for your children everyday!

Thank You for following the blog….
All pictures from the day can be found on our Glee Club Facebook Page

Day 6- Derry and Concert

Today consisted of touring the town of Derry or Londonderry (it’s a name dispute), the 2nd largest city in Northern Ireland.

We started the day eating breakfast where we found out that both Kerley men have to stand to flavor their coffee…. Did they pick this up over here?!?  It’s a mystery!

After breakfast, we all had a walking tour of the town of Derry.  Which is surrounded by old city walls which surround part of the city… our walking tour took us around part of the wall to learn the history of this town and get the lay of the land.

After our walking tour, we had the afternoon for free time to explore the city on our own.

In the town of Derry, is the memorial to Bloody Sunday.. or also known as the Bogside Massacre.  This is where British Soldiers shot 28 unarmed civilians during a peaceful protest march against internment.  The popular U2 song, Sunday Bloody Sunday, lyrics are about this incident.

After our day in Derry, we had a nice dinner at the Waterfoot Hotel where the boys entertained the service staff with, of course, a song before heading to our evening concert.

Our evening concert took place at the Roe Valley Arts Center in the town of Limavady.
The boys put on a fantastic concert again tonight!  Man can these boys entertain a audience!!

Well after a great day once again, we are packing up our bags and saying bye to Northern Ireland tomorrow….
Boys have been able to find pizza at every stop so far….

And we are tired… some much needed sleep for what the day has in store for us tomorrow

Thanks for following…

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